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On the evening of December 3, 2002, Flavia Bertozzi-Moroni, called Flo by her friends, was brutally murdered in Ponte Capriasca (Ticino, Switzerland) at the age of 31. Flavia was happily married, living in harmony and hoping for a peaceful and prosperous future. Flavia was expecting two twins.

Flavia's brutal murder was an act of revenge committed by a Romanian citizen who in March of 2002 opposed himself to a control by three Swiss customs officers of which one was Flavia's husband. The Romanian together with a hired killer from Chechnya broke into the couple's apartment in Ponte Capriasca, and not finding Flavia's husband, assassinated Flavia Bertozzi-Moroni.

These two criminals have been delivered to the justice.

The instigator, Klaus Ingo Opris, was arrested in December 2002 and was convicted in 2003 to a life sentence to serve in a Romanian prison. The killer, Alexander Bakaey, was arrested in August 2005 in Russia and was convicted by the Criminal Court of Moscow in January 2007 to twenty years of imprisonment.

After what happened, Flavia's family and husband received hundreds of letters of solidarity and support. A large circle of friends and community members realized the importance of keeping the memory of Flavia always alive and the idea of founding a humanitarian association was born. On November 13, 2003, with a testimonial of 98 people, the Association Memorial Flavia (Flo) was founded with a goal of helping poor children who need attention and care. In this way the exceptionally good and generous spirit of Flavia towards those needing help was to be remembered forever.

Flavia had a big heart!

We would like to help all children in the world who have been deprived of the right to live their childhood with well-being and joy. However, it is necessary to make a coherent and at the same time difficult selection that is based, on one hand, on different children's needs, and on the other hand, on the guarantee by our close acquaintances who are trustful contacts and trustworthy sources of information. For this reason we can assure you that your contribution will arrive to its destination and to the right hands, and that it will be exclusively used for children's needs.

Furthermore, we intend to act in close collaboration with local populations and authorities, with respect of their dignity, culture and environment.

If you would like to support the Association Memorial Flavia (Flo) and make a contribution for children who live in precarious conditions and poverty, you can make the payment for the minimum annual membership fee of CHF 30, or make a free donation to the following bank account:

IBAN CH63 8028 3000 0043 9128 7
Associazione Memorial Flavia (Flo),
Banca Raiffeisen del Vedeggio
6914 Lamone.